Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jet lag

It's awful. One cannot beautify it. It's not only that one is tired at wrong times. It's more. Yesterday my eyes were forced to close in the afternoon. I always wanted to rub them. I went to bed for a nap at 3pm. As soon as I was in bed the body felt awake. The timer was set for an hour. Sleep set in after a while and after one hour I was in such a deep sleep that I slept 2 more hours.
At 6pm I got up. I was again very hungry even though I had eaten a nice lunch here: salad and fried zucchini. I was up till after midnight. It was impossible to sleep when in bed again. I stayed there observed the breath and finally I slept.
A nightmare visited me: I had to travel to Hamburg (north of Germany) to my health insurance. They needed a paper. I searched the building and found it finally. In the ailes where people in wheel chairs driving so fast that one had to jump in a rooms in order not to crash. In one of the rooms was a desk and there I put my handbag and searched for the paper. 'I know I have it', I said, 'I know I have it.' Then the tea on the desk tilted over and flew over the desk. I had no room more to place the handbag. 'I come from so far and now I don't find this paper', I know I have it.' It was kafkaesk. I went again and again through the stuff in my handbag with no success. Then I woke up.

It was 4:30 when I woke up and I wanted to sleep till 5am. Minimum. I got up, I showered, washed my hair, prepared a cup of coffee for myself.  When I wanted to brush my hair, I couldn't find my hair brush in my handbag. Hahaha......

I have no recipe how to get through the first week. I always forget how awful jet lag is. The whole body is confused and out of rhythm. My body needs one week to get back to normal. I give the time, eat well, and wait till it's
Ok, today I'll buy Baldrian tea. I'll drink it before going to bed at night.


Anna said...

Oh how rotten for you! Keep resting according to your body's needs. Can you imagine if you had come back from your trip and had to to start accountancy work at the office on the Monday?! That would be the worst nightmare - haha.
What's Baldrian tea?

Ursula said...

A nightmare Anna, a nightmare. Even worse I wouldn't probably not have been allowed to take vacation so short before the end of the year.

All is good. I'm in peace with my jet lag. :) And with my life, too.