Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I overslept

I overslept. At 8am I woke up, the alarm clock did its best at 6am. Have I switched it off? I cannot remember anymore.

It's a mental exercise to find good points: 
- jet lag is over. This is sure now, hahaha....
- no commuting to the shala
- I can practiced at home, it allows me to add some asanas
- finally it's luxury to be so flexible, not to have apologize for sleeping a bit longer.

It is as it is: My life motto: make the best out of it. The washing machine is running. 25 min chores are done. Tonight I'll probably be satisfied with the things that I could accomplish.

Yoga: Second series is on the schedule. I add hanumanasana. This pose shall improve. I set a deadline. By next April I want to be able to do forward split and side split. Good to have a plan.

The word deadline doesn't really fit. For me a dead line is not a line and after that line or date the goal has died or I give up. The word reflection line would be better. It the date to look back. What went well, what not? What can be done better?

Time to move on.

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