Sunday, November 25, 2012

I need this one day off

It's not because the body needs a day off from yoga, one needs a day off to get other things done. There is a life off the mat, too. Saturday is my yoga free day. Now is Sunday morning. Morning? It's 9:20am already. I went to bed after midnight. Photography absorbed me.

I sit here, still a bit tired, hahaha, jet lag is gone. Second cup of coffee is next to me.

Again and again I discover the power of focus. It can be even good to pick one asana that I want to improve and to work on that one single asana, whenever I think of it. Three asanas might be already too much. The splits could be a focus. They help to perform backbending and forward bending, too. Wanting too much often means not to accomplish anything at all.

Right now I try to squeeze my brain like a citron and no juice is coming out. Brain cells are empty. I never understood why some spiritual seekers love not to think at all, never. To enjoy silence from time to time is very relaxing. Not to worry has the same effect. Yet the nature of our brain cells is to think, to produce thougths, pictures and it's very entertaining. I don't want to miss this.

Deadline of hanumanasana and sanumasana: end of April, my birthday. What a glorious idea.

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