Monday, November 19, 2012

How good.....

....I slept till 5:30. This is wonderful. And I feared already that jet lag would never disappear. To be in rhythm with day and night feels so good.

Robyn left an interesting comment on back bending on my last post. In sum: some can do it, others have difficulties with it. I belong to the last group. I'm in peace with it. I exercise it. The path is as important as the goal. That I exercise it allowed me to progress. Slowly I progress, but I do. My age plays a role here, too.
What I do when I practice I try to reach my limits and I try to push them a bit. Sometimes I'm close to that goal, sometimes far away. That's how the ride is.
I only regret that I haven't started earlier with second series and back bending. May I let go of this thought. It's not helpful.

I'm so happy that I'm able to do this Ashtanga yoga practice. And I even progress. How long will I be able to progress and when comes the turning point? When comes the time where I practice just to keep the status quo? I think till the age of 70 I can progress if I take my daily magnesium. Lol. Optimistic I am, so it is.

So thankful that my yoga teacher has not the concept that he must stop me at kapotasana only because I'm not able to do it. So thankful.

I've seen wonderful videos of yogis and yoginis at the age of 90 with a lively practice. Legs behind head - no problem. Mayurasana - no problem.

Finally what also counts is:
How is my concentration?
How is my breath?
Do I practice daily?
Am I attentive?

I'm ready for the day. It will start with a Mysore class. I shall see at the end if energy is there for the third series asanas. I shall see........

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