Friday, November 23, 2012


I labeled my posts on goals that I had written in the beginning of the year: goals 2012, I read and I tried to remember what exactly I had written. I couldn't remember anymore, I could only guess. This is in my view one of the main mistakes with setting goals. One writes them down and then one forgets about it. It's indeed good advice to  remember oneself on a daily basis. In one of the business books that I have, I read: "Write down your goals daily with a smile." To be reminded daily means that one can adjust the goals if necessary. And it's more likely that one does the necessary steps to accomplish this goal.

I opened the 2 posts: 

1. In one I wrote that I wanted to learn the moon series by M. Sweeney for the days when I'm low in energy. It's not yet too late to learn it by heart.
2. Another goal related to my weight. Here I think it's more important to stick to a healthy vegan diet, than to focus on the weight. I got so much better here.

And there were the goals regarding the practice:
1. I wanted to keep up a daily practice. Done.
2. What I wrote about the asanas was too long and too much. To focus on back bending and hanumanasana and jumping through is more than enough.

On my practice today:
Today M worked with me on back bending. It got worse, I experience indeed a setback. Doing it, deepening the breath, staying optimistic comes into my mind.

I went to my limits today. After viswamitrasana I had enough and did urdhva dhanurasana and the closing sequence.

Today I worked on a main goal, for sure: back bending. 

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