Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Free coffee at the lobby.

I love it to get down to the lobby and to pick up the morning coffee for free. Many hotels have now coffee machines in the room, but this one, the Motel 6 still has coffee at the reception. The cups are made of styrofoam to keep the coffee warm. I've to put the cups on the floor when I opened the door to our room. The door is heavy and I had to push it open. I managed it to bring the coffee to the room safely.

A flight day is exhausting: So yesterday we went to the mall downtown to have an early dinner. I had the best asparagus ever in that Chinese restaurant. It was grilled and was served with a very interesting dressing, which was sweet, with sesame and soy.

Fog belongs to San Diego. It gives atmosphere to the city.

My plans for the next 2 hours:
- I need another cup of coffee.
- Then I start with sun salutations. The room is bright not dark, the floor is not a carpet. I've no excuses anymore.

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