Thursday, November 22, 2012


I remember how effective focus is. Having too much on the plate can be overwhelming and in consequence it's more likely that nothing gets done.

Re my yoga practice, I'll focus on back bending till the end of the year.

Kapotasana frustrated me so often. I found out that I need more preparation. I know a lot of back bending poses and I add them before this big asana. This allows me finally to get deeper into kapotasana.

Also hanumanasna helps to stretch the front side of the body.
I try to enlarge the flexibilty of the shoulders: I hold a strap in my hands and with straight arms I bring my arms behind the back.
Pigeon pose helps, too. Pictures of the asanas that I do as preparation will follow.

All the extra poses make the body get used to back bending. Each time it gets easier.

Today primary is on the schedule, a home practice.

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