Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flow and my new hair-do.

I have a new hair-do during my Ashtanga yoga practice. Flow is a keyword in our practice. The flow can be interrupted due to several things:
1.  Being exhausted and needing a break
2. It's not Ashanga typical, but we use blocks from time to time as a support. To use them interrupts the flow.
3. Being distracted, because concentration is difficult in general or on that day.

4. Another main reason why I interrupted my flow was my hair-do. I bound it on the back of my head. When an asana required  to lie on the back or to do chakorasana to get out of the pose, I had to open my hair. Then I bound it again. This usually happened several times during a practice. I didn't like it, but was attached to my knot on the back of my head. The new yoga season has started and with this I changed my style. With the braids I don't have to adjust my hair a single time during a practice. This is great. I'm very likely to stick to it.

With this simple change I've improved  my flow a lot. :) Sometimes it's easy to leap ahead.

Blog list:
Ashtangi.net doesn't exist anymore. I admit I read only few blogs. Lack of time is surely one reason. One must make decisions and focus. I prefer to write. Nevertheless I find it good that the Ashtanga yoginis form such a great community who love to exchange tips, experiences. On the right side of my blog I created a blog list.
My criteria for adding you:
- Your blog shall be updated frequently.
- Topic is Ashtanga yoga. Mainly.
- It's not necessary to have the same view on things like me. I enjoy the energy that is created due to differences.

If you like your blog on the list, let me know. Thanks.

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