Saturday, November 10, 2012

Darling, motivate me.

Me: Darling, motivate me!
He: Go for it!

Lol, and I practiced primary yesterday, between bed and the furniture where the TV is built in.

Today is Saturday. Hahaha.....

We both would love to stay longer here. Yet the end of the trip has come.
Yesterday we drove to Encinitas again with stops at La Jolla and Del Mar. The landscapes are so beautiful and huge. It gives me the  impression of liberty. It was a road movie again this trip in the US.

I'm glad that our first flight is in the early afternoon from San Diego to San Francisco. A few hours later we'll fly from San Francisco to Munich. Sunday night we'll be at home. Ready to sleeeeeeeep.

PS: My US album is finished. It's here on flickr

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