Friday, November 09, 2012

Ashtanga yoga is a necessity for me, it's no fun.

Practicing Ashtanga yoga is a necessity for me, yet no fun.
That said, I want to add that it can be joyful, satisfying. It can feel good and I like it.
I love to experience my body in the crazy asanas.
Especially the stretching discomfort and the balancing poses distract me from the chatter of the mind.
I'm glad when I can do something good for myself.

Yet fun is something else:
Playing soccer might be fun, especially if one belongs to the team that wins.
To dance salsa is fun.
Feeling the hamstrings approaching the stretching limit can be bearable more and more. It makes me tolerant to discomfort. But fun? is something else.
Reading can be fun, shopping, taking pictures, taking a bath, seeing a movie.

The body needs movement if one wants to stay healthy till old age. Even my grandma was told after 80 by a doctor that she must move and exercise. Those who don't get weak and rigid with age. It goes so far that many old people cannot stand up anymore when they fell. This limits the possibilities how to live enormously. I love to move. This is already a good pre-condition. Those who don't love to move could better their lives, too, if they moved. Whatever it is.

Ashtanga yoga fits to my personality as a lonesome wolf. I love to be with me alone. Being independant from classes or other people fits to me. I can step on my mat alone.
I've in addition not found another sportive activity that is so holistic. B.K.S. Iyengar sais this about yoga in general. I agree.

I wonder why so many expect joy and fun at everything they do. For me having the insight that it's good for me is enough to do it.
To let the mood decide what to do is not a good advice. Moods change like the weather.

Yesterday I practiced primary in this hotel room here. I could do all poses. It was not easy. Not one single pose was omitted or forgotten.
It's time to step again on my mat, because I know it's good for me, not because I'm searching fun.

Picture: It's taken in San Diego, old city where we've spend the day. It's like in Mexico there.

PS: Ashtanga yoga can also be fun from time to time, wink wink....


Kitharo said...

Just so you know: reading about your travels is lovely. Thanks for keeping us posted :)
I agree on the fun part... whenever I'm not motivated I remind myself that the Primary is an organ cleansing system that keeps me (almost) disease-free - usually this helps me. But on most days it's good for me AND fun. We're lucky to have yoga in our lives.
Have a nice weekend and fun in San Diego :)
Greetings, Julian

Angele Style said...

Hi Ursla, I admire your ability to practice on your own. I am very much an introvert and lone wolf myself but I need a class environment with an excellent teacher to follow through. I stopped going to yoga classes because I could not find a class I could relate to so I turned to ballet classes where they have excellent teachers. I find ballet extremely challenging because I go to a professional dance level and I think any time we choose to take on a physical endeavor the mental challenges are the hardest. Ballet can be at once enjoyable and intimidating and every emotion can arise but as you I believe MOVING and keeping my muscles strong and flexible to the best of my ability is imperative. The mind is a muscle as well and needs to be strong and to know how to balance our activities and not get lazy. I cannot imagine not exercising my body as long as I am able. I too exercise on my vacation but with my daughter who likes to go to a gym and do INSANITY workouts with weights. She is shocked I can keep up with her... kind of. But we enjoy our vacation so much more when we exercise together. Again your ability to practice on your own each day even on vacation WOW you get the GOLD MEDAL!!!!

rhh said...

Did you get a chance in Encinitas to visit the Self Realization Fellowship Center? This is where Yogananda spent a lot of his time when he was alive.

BTW: Just spent this last weekend at Cara Jepsen's Meditation & Yoga Retreat.


rhh said...

When you were in Encinitas, did you visit the Self Realization Fellowship Center? This is where Yogananda spent a lot of his time.

Last weekend I attended Cara Jepsen's Yoga and Meditation Retreat -- my 4th time.