Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Arrived in San Diego

The airport is very close to the city. Quickly we were at our hotel after landing. Motel 6 seems to be renovated. No carpet here, I'm glad.

The hotel is almost downtown.

This was it for today. I close the curtain. Shall the flu disappear overnight. 


rhino said...

Practicing with Tim by chance? :) Love that area...

Debb said...

Ohhhh... ill while traveling, not a very good combination. I send you healing energies. Do you visit OB (Ocean Beach) while in San Diegoz/ That was one of my favorite spots when my daughter lived there. She went from Ocean Beach - the "hippie types" area to the live in LaJolla - the "super wealthy types" area. haha.. San Diego has the most constant perfect weather of all the United States, I believe. So many people there are happy, because of that fact.
Namaste, Debb

Ursula said...

I don't know yet. Edmund offered to drive me to Encinitas. I only want him to get up that early once. He deserves his vacation and loves to sleep in.

If we manage it to get up early it will be the Jois shala as we know where it is.

This area is wonderful.

Ursula said...

The flu is not that heavy. So I feel good, thanks for the healing energy.

Today we love to go to Del Coronado, I think it is close to Ocean beach. I'll check it out. Thank you for your tips.

It's my fav place in the US here. The weather has an influence how we feel.


Debb said...

Coronado Island has a beautiful historical hotel. (As historical as the US can get..haha) The underground part of the hotel is especially beautiful as I remember it, a lot of dark lusturous walnut wood is used. Happy travels!