Saturday, October 06, 2012

Yepeeee, a new day.....

I slept very long. Eight hours or even a bit longer. Can be that I needed it. But now I'm present. Eyes are open. Energy can be felt. This energy is much needed to finish my tasks. Will we need another day to put the books back into the shelves? I hope not.

My skills to organize things, to get things done improved. I think I can need this in order to accomplish all the projects that are in my mind. I know how to motivate myself. Concentration improved. To sum it up, I feel good. Action now.

Tonight I'll prepare the green warrior (a vegan meal from the book by Attila: Vegan for fit) for omnivores. I'm so curious if they will like it. These days I love 2 course menues. I'm still searching a vegan dessert. I'm sure I'll find one in one of the books of my cooking books collection.........

Action, action..........NOW.

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