Friday, October 05, 2012

Too many things.

Your life is only a series of automatically conditioned reflexes very far removed from
the deliberate and purposeful action of free-will that you suppose it to be.
 Ramesh Balsekar

OH, I was busy with life today. 
Oh no, I was not dawdling and enjoying laziness, I also wasn't hanging on the phone (I scarcely do), I was also not conversing (happens more often those times). First I defined my goals. 3 rooms should be clean by the end of the day. 1 is cleaned, 1 is almost done and 1 I haven't touched. And 1 room is a mess. This renovation was time intensive. I repeat myself, but it was worth the time and effort that I've put into this task already. I've discovered talents on me that I've not yet seen so far. The organisation of all this was so smooth. I'm enthusiastic about myself. I guess we need 2 more days and then I can get back to a "normal" life. 

What gets me going: 
1. When I do chores like described above, my pomodoro (a timer) helps me. 25 min it makes tic tac and I work with this rhythm.
1. When I want to start my yoga practice I roll out my mat and bend forward till I get bored and till I want to practice. 

It's individual what makes people move. My tip: observe yourself and find out what gets you going. 

Yoga: I cannot imagine that I'll step on the mat today. It was a yoga free day. I'll practice tomorrow. Might it happen. 


Anna said...

Roll, dear Ursula, roll out the mat :-)

Ursula said...

Thanks Anna, got it!