Thursday, October 04, 2012

The purpose of my practice today

I refuse to lift another book today. I managed it to carry all the shelves into the other room. Before I could do this, I had to get all the books off the shelves. This is hard work and it tightens the body. The hands became like shovels. By now it's difficult to straighten the fingers.

After these hours of carrying books to the place where they were, and the work is not yet finished, I knew I HAD TO PRACTICE afterwords. This work stiffened my body and I wanted to be soft again.

I practiced primary. It was a focused, not too flexible practice. I had my legs behind my head, but back bending was more than lousy. I expected this. Then I bathed to relax even a bit more.
Brrhhh, my fingers are still stiff. I realize this when I type. So slow they are.

So happy that I practiced.

In sum it took me minimum 8 days to get this tiny room renovated. When I look around I see a sea of books.  Or does it look rather like the centre of a city with a lot of high rises?  This will be my work tomorrow to destroy the high rises. It looks as if there is not enough room in the shelves for them. I'll find a solution. Key word is: tomorrow. For today I'm done.

I prepared the meal of Attila's book: the green warrior. I loved it. During the day I was so wildly working on my goal to make the room as it looked like a week ago, I only ate desserts when I felt hungry. One after the other disappeared in my stomach.

The floor is good. All is so cleaner now and a yogini needs a clean environment.

It's 8:30pm and I feel like going to bed.

Picture: The Isar. Every time when I'm there I wonder why I'm not more often there. It's a nice place in Munich.

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