Monday, October 08, 2012

The first minutes on my mat....

Before chanting I do these three exercises. It's an easy start, it warms up my body. It's passive, so even on low energy days this is doable and most of the time I keep going then.

- The first 2 poses I got from M.. It prepares my body for back bending. I breathe deeply, especially the inhaling shall be deep.
- Afterwards I hang forward. This feels good for my legs. I stretch slowly and when I feel good and flexible, I start chanting. Then the show can begin....:)

For me today the Ashtanga yoga season has started. M is back. So many yoginis/yogis practiced in the shala. It fulfilled me with joy to see them all back for the next round. I had forgotten how much energy I can get from practicing in a group. I'm indeed thankful that I can do this all.


Not one single book is on the floor anymore. This makes cleaning so much easier. A simple life fits to a yogic lifestyle. Ashtanga yoga is time-consuming. The rest of the life must be simple therefore. I worked hard during the last days. The result is beautiful. Less things, less chores, more time for the essential things....

PS: This morning I woke up and thought: something is wrong with the pose I posted yesterday. Due to lack of space I didn't stretch the arms over the head. But this is it what I do. This deepens the back bending and stretches the parts of the shoulders. 


Anna said...

Gut gemacht!

Unknown said...

Feels so good.
Thank you, sweet one

Kitharo said...

The forward hanging seems like a very good idea. I personally do a few neck rolls, because I feel like my neck needs special care. Do you do stretches besides your yoga practice to deepen it? ... have a nice week :) Julian

Ursula said...

Danke, Anna.

Ursula said...

I'm happy that you like this. I find these poses even important. Being passive in the beginning, letting things happen is not the worst start.

Adjust the height of the block or make it softer with a blanket.


Ursula said...

I wish I would, Julian.

When I read a book I sit in upavishta konasana sometimes.
To hang forward is very relaxing. I do this during the day when I feel like this. Often before a flight I do it, even in the waiting rooms.

My effort is more to sit 10 min than to do additional stretches.

What feels good is allowed, why not to stretch from time to time during the day.

I hope your days are a bit less stressy....:)

Kitharo said...

I'll include the forward fold, it seems like a really nice idea. I always like new things to try before Ashtanga, because then I feel more centered. I'll try :)

Yeah, they're, thanks for asking. I actually did my first full Primary on the weekend after I had a pause where I did mostly shorter Vinyasa classes because of time issues and the weird thing is: my Ashtanga practice actually has improved. I'm able to do things I couldn't before and yeah... it felt nice :)

Ursula said...

This is sometimes so. Breaks can be very prolific. Work also happens unconsciously.

I'm glad that you could keep up a practice....:)