Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shine a light

The entertainment program of the airline included "Shine a light", a documentary of 2 gigs of the Rolling Stones. This was it what I wanted to watch. I turned on the volume and the show could begin. I danced in my seat to the songs. There were turbulence in the air. This all so fucking fitted.

At 4am German time we arrived. The captain told us that it still had 28°Cesius in LA. :)
To get into the US is no fun. First we stood in a huge lane to show the passports, then came a huge lane for the customs, then a huge lane to exit. In sum it lasted minimum 2 hours rather 3 till we were through.

In the meantime they take fingerprints of all the fingers of both hands and the pupil. The officers wear blue plastic gloves. All the visitors have to put their hands on the same pad to get their fingers printed. This is indeed not very hygienic. In the plane the sanitary facilities are soon a mess and dirty. The possibility to care for hygiene are limited. People sweat and then everybody has to put the dirty fingers on one pad, that gets never cleaned, while, I mentioned it already, the officers sit there in plastic gloves because they don't want to touch the passports. One shall not think too much, one shall not think to much. We are in.

It all lasted longer, but finally we arrived at Oceanview at the hotel.
The night clerk asked us: How are you guys?
E: Oh, we are very tired.
The night clerk: Do you have a reservation?

I admit I had expected to be asked, where do you come from or anything else to pretend a tiny bit of interest. But questions in the US re the own well-being are nothing else but polite phrases. They never show the slightest interest. I know, but experiencing it is something else.

And I would have so loved to start a conversation about my night in the plane simply to speak English. Lol. He might have felt this.

During the last miles from LA to Oceanview I had to tell one story after the other to keep E awake. He opened the window every 2 minutes to get fresh air in order not to sleep in.

We arrived. The picture above shows the view out of the window this morning. A smile miracled on my face, I knew it was again worth the effort. 


Quentin said...

Welcome to the USA, although California is not same as the rest of the country, but getting thru customs is always a challenge here, much different in Europe where customs agents are friendly. I believe Southerners are much more friendly and would have been glad to talk to you. enjoy your stay here.

Ursula said...

Thank you Quentin for welcoming me.

OH and the clerk was very friendly. I only wanted to point out some differences.

Very happy to be here. Just learned that it snowed in Germany. Haha...

Debb said...

I would have loved to hear your travel story, of course in a thick German sultry accent, dear U. Enjoy Fall in the USA, and probably Halloween too?

Ursula said...

I'm unconsolable that we miss each other.

Today I spoke a lot with my thick thick accent.

It's great to be here. I'm in best mood.