Sunday, October 28, 2012

Posh, posh, posh....the Jois shala in Encinitas

We drove to Encinitas today. It was sort of yoga tourism. I wanted to visit the Jois shala that was created recently and I saw indeed  a very beautiful shala.

It can be that when we return to San Diego that I'll have the time to practice there. This would surely please me. The weather in Encinitas is warm and the shala is beautiful. What else can a yogini wish?

I'm not sure if I need one of the  yoga clothes (brand Jois) that are sold in front of the practicing room.


Unknown said...

You should drop in to Tim Miller's place in Carlsbad - the next town over.

Grimmly said...

Yoga tourism : )
Have a nice trip Ursula, I miss the palm trees and blue sky.

Kitharo said...

You're so lucky to visit all this amazing places. I hope you have a chance to practice in the Jois Shala, just for the memories :)
What places do you travel this time? Sounds like you have a lot planned!
I hope you have the most joyful journey :D
- Julian

Ursula said...

It's not so much a "should" but a "want to". If time allows and if I manage it to get my darling out of bed on time, I'll be there, too.

Ursula said...

Oh yeah, Grimmly, the weather, the vegetation is fantastic here.

Ursula said...

Yes, Julian, I'm indeed in joy, I enjoy. Today we fly to Portland. There is Casey's shala. There we'll be a bit longer.

I'm very happy that I can make these trips. I greet you from Oceanside.