Monday, October 29, 2012

On the road again......and arrived in Portland

Traveling means tasting new food. I was not unhappy with my light meal yesterday. It was a starter, BTW. Am I glad that I didn't order anything else. To put lettuce on a plate without doing anything with it, is interesting.

The pictures were taken at Huntington beach. There was still sun.

We arrived in Portland yesterday night. The Thai restaurant is exactly as it was 6 years back, when I've been there the last time.
This morning I preferred to have breakfast with E to running to a shala. I can practice later today. I'm too curious, I want to explore my surrounding. Perhaps I can find out where the bus station 54 is, it will bring me to Casey's shala the next days. Today I'll enjoy tourists` activities: walking around, taking pictures, watching people, shopping....

Umbrella, winter coat, camera, map, my journal everything is ready and.........I'm ready for the day, too.
It feels good to be so fully awake in the morning. 


Anna said...

That was a starter? :O

Ursula said...

Yes. Portions are huge here.