Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On beginnings

The first critical moment that requires energy is the beginning of any action. No matter what it is, if the first step is done, it's very likely that the show goes on.

Yesterday I brought myself again to drive the car. Traffic became worse and worse. It was dark already when we left my parents. I fear to drive. As soon as I sat behind the steering wheel, as soon as I had adjusted the seat, I knew there is no way back. I drove the BMW. E was even enthusiastic how fast I drove (150 km/h). I drive that fast only when the autobahn allows it and only for a short time. I wanted to get home.

Knowing that the beginning is the first hurdle, helps to overcome it. For daily chores I set my timer to get me going. This gives me the necessary energy to start. For my yoga practice I do some easy passive asanas.

This time I didn't practice during the trip. It was too cold. The situation was not inviting. Today I start with primary. Very carefully of course. I know how easy I can overstretch myself today after a break of 5 days.

Focus shall be my breath. 


Anna said...

Yes, it's hard to start. SO many of my exciting plans stay in my head. It's frustrating.

Ursula said...

Tiniest step will push you forward, Anna. Daily tiniest steps!

Kitharo said...

Hope your practice was fun :) The first step is always the hardest... it's easier to do nothing than do face challenges or fears. Greetings, Julian

Ursula said...

It was a late practice, after 6pm. Sun salutations, standing sequence and a few asanas of primary, closing sequence and this was it.

So glad that I did this.

Sometimes people admire me because of my daily practice. In my view it's so much more difficult to practice on and off.

I agree: doing nothing is easy. A California slacker lives inside me.

Greetings. Ursula