Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My practice, a comedy

I cannot blame the tofu.
I cannot blame the broccoli.
Also the little peas are innocent.

My practice today was the worst ever. My body felt like poisoned. I cannot say that I had pain, no, but I was far below my level. That kapotasana is lost is a tragedy. But today everything was hard (HARD), also the legs behind head poses which I love. I couldn't do chaturanga anymore, my body fell on the floor. Half-hearted was the upward facing dog. I wanted to stop after tittibhasana C. Then I looked around. The yoginis/yogis were either distracted (staring holes in the air) or they were fighting with asanas. It almost made me smile and I kept moving. I did what was possible today and finished my practice. I know that it was good that I finished it. Now I've lost everything forever, was a thought that came up. I know that this is not true.

This practice makes me so damned modest.
Tomorrow primary. I'm looking forward to it. The future cannot be seen in the back mirror.

On my way home I stopped at Yam deli. I had a cappuccino there and a mango dessert. It was so nice to meet the lovely ladies there.

Today I'll bath my body. It deserves it. 


Kitharo said...

I admire your attitude. I think that makes you a truly graceful yogi: even though you'e so advanced, you are modest and grateful :)
Do you have any tricks for colds? I'm around infected people at work and got a sore throat already and I don't want to get fully sick.
Blessings, Julian

Ursula said...

Of course I have a tip for you, Julian. Stretch your tongue out as far as possible. Stretch it towards the chin. This gives a massage to the throat and moves away the infect.

Drink, drink, drink, and take it easy. Sleep a bit longer. Stay healthy.

Ursula said...

Oh, and do it as often as you think about it....:)
It helps, believe me.

Kitharo said...

That's great, I haven't heared of this trick, but I'll try it. I knew you'd have a tip for me :)
I wish you a good nights sleep and a very happy practice in the morning :)

Ursula said...

It helps.

I forwarded this tip to an Italian doctor with success. He couldn't believe it, his sore throat disappeared.....

Good night. Time to sleep here, too. The next days will be busy....:)