Friday, October 26, 2012

My flight plan for today....

The flight out of the bed was delayed this morning: I got up later as wished. It's OK as it will be a long day. At 12 I'll leave my home to pick up E at the office. Then it'll go to the airport. Los Angeles is the destination. At 7pm we'll arrive. Oh, what was he glad when he checked us in yesterday and we could get a seat next to each other. I'm in demand these days as a seat neighbour in planes. Tiny people are rare. And I don't snore.

I swung my legs out of the bed this morning to start my beloved and fine-tuned morning routine. Coffee and water is next to me. I sip the coffee and drink the water, too. The mood is above average. I'm excited and curious.

LA is only a short interim station. The next day we'll fly to Portland.

In Portland I'll be on my own alot. Casey's yoga studio still exists. 6 years ago I've been there the first time.
I'll practice primary there. Nothing else. Too many asanas of second series are under construction. I'm so sure that primary can improve, too.

Time to greet the sun.

He: Do you have a shaving cream.
Me: Of course, I show you where I have a reserve for you.

1. Then I wrote at once in my calender under the category "to buy": shaving cream. When I'll be back I've a list of things I need to buy. Having it written down keeps my mind free for other more important things than to-buy-lists. It also guarantees that I won't forget to buy one. And next time when he'll ask me: Do you have a shaving cream, I'll answer: Of course, I have one for you.

2. In my calender is also a travel checklist: With this list I can pack my suitcase fast and I won't forget anything. This saves time and annoyances.

As a yogini with a daily yoga practice that lasts minimum 2 hours, I have to be organised well. Ashtanga yoga bettered my life in many ways. Beside being able to do fancy asanas I got skills in being organized well.


joy said...

Hey there Ursuline! It sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great time in Portland!

Anna said...


Ursula said...

I love to be here, Joy.

And Anna, Ursuline is sort nickname for Ursula. I like this form.

Anna said...

Oh, OK, thanks. Quite pretty!