Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Janu sirsasana C

For Julian:

 I hold my toes when I move my foot down. I even separate the toes and pose them carefully on the floor next to each other with a bit distance and as close as possible to the body.

On picture 2 one can see how this looks like. The knee is in the air and it shall be on the floor.

Then comes the next important step: lift the body and move forward till the knee is on the floor. You shall feel discomfort at the  toes, not the knee. Important. Stop when the knee hurts. I don't feel my knee at all. If you practice this pose actively you ground the foot, your leg muscles are engaged and this reduces the discomfort. Engage the bandhas when you move forward.

Lengthen the body, stretch forward. Then the body will move down again a bit, perhaps not 100%, but this comes with time.

Here we have Janu sirsasana C. The back is a bit bent. I checked Mr Sweeney's pose. His back is also  more bent than in Janu sirsasana A or B. The heel is now a bit below the navel. It shall give a massage there. I think it's a bit exaggerated. Massage is something else for me.

This is one of the poses that reminds me that in Ashtanga yoga not even the feet are forgotten. The feet and toes are exercised. This pose guarantees beautiful feet till old age. :)
Of course it's also a hip opener. 


Kitharo said...

Thank you very much, Ursula :) I think I don't do step 2 right, because I always try to get the knee down immediately and I guess it would be easier if it could just stay there until I placed my feet on the ground and then I'll work from there. I'll check it out tomorrow, but I think it will give me a new angle to work from :)

Did you know you were featured here:
Just found it, because I clicked on the link a the Yogadragonden-Blog and you're at 5, so congratulations :) Well deserved I think!

Greetings, J

Ursula said...

Wow, thank you for the link, I did not know it. What joy here. :)

Back to janu sirsasana C: Exactly how you described how you do it, I did it for years. That way one doesn't progress. Also your stretched leg will move forward. Practice first with care. I'm sure tomorrow you hit it. Good luck.

Kitharo said...

Morning :) It actually worked better today... I mean, I'm nowhere near forward bending since my knee and hip rotation is so stuck in this posture, but with the knee up I feel like I'm working on the rotation and that it will develop over time. Janu C is still a beast, but I think I'm getting there slowly, so thank you for the "knee up" reminder :)

You can be proud, 5 is such a good number and your blog is so helpful in so many ways, so you totally deserved it :)

Ursula said...

Morning :) Thanks for the feed-back.
If you shift the weight of the body forward so it's really on the ball of the feet you'll finally be there where you want to be.

I was lucky with the no 5. The Institute told me that the blogs are not in a particular order. That's very fine, why to create a competition. I'm glad to be listed. :)

Flora Johns said...

Hey thanks for sharing!! Its really great. It is good practice and you know what i get relief to my leg. I will added this in my own blog. Great work Ursula..

SSIS said...

Thanks for sharing your new yoga practice!!!!