Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It shouldn't be

We got up early: 6am. This should have been plenty of time to get to the yoga studio NE Broadway #206  for a primary. It has been so very sweet of E to drive me. It was dark, it is still dark, it was raining and cold. We couldn't find the #, neither the studio. This was it for me this time with the yoga studio. It's too far away.

The hotel room has a carpet and my travel yoga mat is thin. This means that when I practice it's as if I practice on an air mattress. It's OK. One can find a lot of excuses not to practice. There are the same numbers of good reasons to practice.
It would have been nice if I were there in the studio now, yes, yes. I was so ready to practice there. It didn't happen. Fine. This is not the end of the world.

It shouldn't be. It's a pity, at least I tried it.

Time to have a light breakfast in the hotel. Fruit, coffee. I'll write my journal there. I think I need a coffee now to feel warm. Then I'll practice.
If the sun will come out today, it will be the afternoon. The sky looks very cloudy.

Picture: view out of the window. 


Quentin said...

most hotels have fitness room, which is suitable for yoga practice.

Ursula said...

Quentin, this is a good idea. :)