Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I slept in

Topc 1, the renovation: It's done. What remains is to bring back all the books. The clothes are already in the wardrobe. I sit at my desk. There is still a lot to discard. The washing machine is running and helps me to clean the clothes. My goal yesterday was to create a place where I can role out my mat. This I accomplished. I'm so happy about this improvement here where I spend most of my time.

Topic 2, the 30 day vegan challenge: I can define the challenge better and better. In my case it's to get from 90% vegan to 98% vegan. If one eats in restaurants one never knows what is in the food. But it's not necessary to order one of the creamy desserts. The challenge also means to get into the kitchen and to cook. It's possible to eat vegan and to eat unhealthy or boring. Away from white rice, noodles, and white flour is the challenge. Indeed I learn new recipes during these 30 days that will become favorites.

Topic 3, Ashtanga yoga: I'm happy that I can start again. Sometimes a few days off happen. Sometimes it's caused from inside, sometimes from outside. I'll start with primary today, with no expectations. Goal is to be very attentive towards the limit's of today. The breath shall be the focus.
It seems that my next Mysore class will be next Monday. 

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