Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn in Portland

I walked around today and took pictures. I searched the vegan restaurant "Prasad" for lunch and it turned out that it was a yoga studio, too. They offer all sorts of classes, a led Ashtanga class as well. It was crowded there.

The weather was too good and I walked and walked and walked. There are so many homeless people downtown, it cannot be overlooked that quite a lot of people are poor.

From 7 - 11 am Mysore classes are offered at Near East Yoga.I don't know why I'm not motivated to go. It's rather far away from the hotel. I don't know yet how to get there. One can find out. Perhaps jet leg sets in and it makes me lazy. As it comes it's OK. I don't make plans that are in the future.

Time to relax on the bed. 


Angele Style said...

How fun to hear you are in Portland. I live in Portland. What brings you here??? What are you doing while you are here? I am just like you when it comes to plans. I do not like to plan ahead while traveling.

Ursula said...

I accompany my bf.

It would be good if I pick me up to go to Casey's studio.
Tomorrow I want to see the Japaneese Garden here.
It's great to walk around in Portland.