Monday, October 22, 2012 is dead

Invalid hostname again. What happened? During the last days I tried to open, but I got always the mentioned error message. I wrote J. I knew that she had created this page. She answered me at once even though she lives on another continent. She had cancelled the page. She had paid a fee every month and she had the feeling that only few use this page. She's right. As with everything, people start with something and stop. So it was with the blogger that gathered there. Many stopped Ashtanga yoga and blogging, too. It got calmer on during the years.

First a big thank you to Julie, who created (and paid) for this wonderful page that connected the Ashtanga yogis and yoginis during many many years. 

For me this page meant a lot: 
- About 7 years ago I found the first bloggers. It inspired me to start a blog, too.
- I met yogis/yoginis via that page, even friendships developed. Some of the yogis/yoginis I even met on this globe.
- Precious were all the tips re the practice that I could read there.
- Many yogis traveled to Gokulam to the shala. I cannot imagine better travel guides than the blog posts of the yoginis who shared there experiences.

Nothing exists for ever. Many yogis/yoginis connect on facebook, some are also on Google+.

Bye bye    :(


Tracy said...

I had NO idea that Julie had paid for this site....
That was So gracious of her for so long!
Now I can follow you on my own though! xx

Quentin said...

I stay with Ashtanga Yoga blogs that talk about yoga and stay away from those that are supposed to be yoga blogs but often mention politics. A blog is just like a business, one strives for a complete audience interested in what is advertised. Why go off on a tangent and irritate your audience.

My yoga blog is an outstanding blog and subject matter is appreciated. Thank you.

Ursula said...

Thank you for reading, dear Tracy.

Yogi Quentin, this is a great compliment for me. Thank you!