Thursday, October 04, 2012

7:18 in the morning....

It's already rather fresh here and when I got up a bit earlier it was still dark. I'm sipping a hot black coffee. The day is still so young, one cannot predict what it will bring. Plans are made. The books must return to their shelves. I've time to have a closer look and hopefully I can let go of a few more things.

Yesterday's primary was good. I could easily take my legs behind my head.
Today is Thursday and I stick to my plan to practice primary again. There are still a lot constructions. The vinyasas mainly.
Urdhva dhanurasana: I've an idea when I'll be able to stand up. I must see my heels when in this position. Then my hands are close enought to the feet and it should be possible to shift the weight forward and to come up. (Still a dream, I'm curious if it will manifest one day)

Time to move on...........


Unknown said...

I love how clear the drishti is shown in this photo.

Ursula said...


Drishtis are so important. Look towards the direction you want to go, I always think. Don't get distracted. Focus....:)