Wednesday, October 24, 2012

30 days vegan - a challenge

Attila Hildmann has published a book: "Vegan for fit". He challenges people to eat 30 days vegan. I accepted this challenge and was surprised what I experienced. 

1. It's crucial to cook the own meals. It can become a routine. One gets fast with daily practice. Recipes can be found in the book. My cooking got new directions: no noodles, no rice, no potatoes, but almond mash and avocado made me full. This was indeed the surprise, I felt so full after having had vegetables and a almond mash sauce. Almond mash is healthier than noodles. 
One can eat vegan and live and eat unhealthy. 
I tried new things like popped Amaranth and I love it in my soy yogurt for breakfast.

2. Like most of the others I lost weight, too. I started with 48,3 kg and today I had 46,6, even though I ate a lot. The goal is not to lose weight, but to eat healthy. It's a side effect to get in shape. 

3. Difficult were the visits in restaurants. But here I can do a lot, too. Nobody forces me to eat the creamy desserts. A solution for me can be to have a vegan dessert at home, too. Nevertheless in restaurants one never knows what the waiter brings: eggs on the salad or cheese. Noodles can be egg noodles. Perhaps there is butter in the sauce. But if these are the only animal products that I eat, it shall be OK as I've done everything that was in my hands. 

4. These 30 days made me more aware of my eating and drinking habits. My nutruition became healthier. As I tried new recipes it was also exciting. Not every new recipe I liked, but this I had to find out. I'm more often in the kitchen and cook my own meals. This saves money, hahaha......

4. I experimented a lot in the kitchen during the last 30 days, it was an adventure and fun. I go on. The book motivates to stick to this healthy life style. On my last day I prepared a vegan chocolate and it tastes like real chocolate.

Q. commented on my last post that he likes my blog because I'm not political here. In the US are the elections. But I think to eat vegan has also political aspects. If we want that everybody has enough to eat on this globe to eat vegan is a step in this direction. The fields can be used for planting vegetables and not to feed animals. With this more people can be fed.

A vegan life style helps yourself to stay healthy, it helps the animals and the humanity.

When I started yoga 30 years ago, it was clear, being a yogini is a life style and eating vegetarian food is a must.
Try it, life is an experiment. 


Quentin said...

Yes, exercise (yoga), nutrition and support help one achieve healthy lifestyle. Many can, but few will, especially here in US where obesity is now normal.

Ursula said...

Unfortunately I observe in all Western countries that people get fatter and fatter. Even young people are overweight.

Anna said...

All life is political: all the choices we make are political. Obesity is a political issue. Life and how we live - it's all politics and philosophy. I love your blog, Ursula, for its politics and philosophy :-)

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna, you say it.

Indeed it makes me sad to see the misery with obesity in the Western world and the hunger in the rest of the world.

The post had lots of repetitions. I reread it now. I won't correct them. Tomorrow I can take care of this.

And stay tuned, on Friday I'll fly to Portland...:)