Saturday, September 01, 2012

Yoga nidrasana

A cold shower, a black coffee and Internet access,  - with these three ingredients my morning starts fantastic. Consciously I enjoy.

I had started to go through the asanas of second series in this blog. Next asana is yoga nidrasana:
Via yoga nidrasana I learned supta kurmasana. Practicing this pose on the bed helped me to get the knees on the ground next to the body. Next step was to stretch the legs, then to take it behind the head, one by one. It's fun to practice it on the bed and easier due to the soft ground. Gravity helps. It's easy to relax on the bed, this helps, too.

Now I apprerciate this pose as it allows me to improve dwi pada sirsasana. In yoga nidrasana I don't have to balance. This allows me to work on opening the chest and taking the legs backwards.
It is possible to relax in that pose.

The first step re the leg behind head poses and there are many, is always to take the knees backwards. As always the movement starts from the hips.

The poses might even look crazy for those who don't practice Ashtanga yoga. If one approaches step by step it's just another pose. A form. What is possible the human beings do.

I do enjoy to see my body in such fancy poses. Fantasy knows no limits.
I even more enjoy what I learn which cannot be seen on a picture: it's focus. When I practice I check the correctness of the pose, surely, then I return to the breath with my attention. My eyes keep calm, gazing point is the nose. Calm eyes equals calm mind. This technique, calm breathing, focusing on an object or an activity, like blogging, can improve life. I'm no more distracted as I used to be. Therefore I get things done.

It's my yoga free day. Since my practices, also my home practices are so intensive I don't feel the urge to practice one of the Ashtanga yoga series.

PS: One of my next topics will be on pain or discomfort. There is so much misunderstanding.

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