Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to do when a practice turns out to be super lousy?

During my trip in Bulgaria I had a super lousy practice. Before starting with the second Ashtanga yoga series I had posed my tripod on the right place, my camera was ready to capture some of my asanas. It made no sense to take a single picture. I was more than stiff and I tortured myself from asana to asana. From time to time I told E how bad it was.

I can list some whys here. I'd rather focus on what to do if this happens.

One can stop, of course. This IS an alternative and sometimes perhaps also the best one can do.

There are other possibilities:
Next time when I've such a difficult practice I'll do less instead of forcing my stiff body in asanas that are scarcly possible. I've no issues anymore to take my legs behind my head but on that day in Burgas it was almost impossible.
Looking back I think it would have been better to take more time for everything. It would have been better to practice slower and stay longer in an asana. This makes the body softer. Instead of trying an asana that seems impossible one can look for a substiute for this day. Sometimes less asanas are enough, too.

Here my list what to do when nothing seems to go:
1. practicing slower
2. staying longer in an asana and focusing on the breath
3. repeating an asana - the second time everything is easier
4. practicing an easier substitute
5. leaving out the vinyasas between sides or practicing them the easy way
6. setting a timer, 25 more minutes are always possible
7. Focusing even more on the breath instead of the performance
8. Focusing on enjoying it
9. Realizing that this is only one practice and tomorrow it can be totally different again.
10. Searching the limits, those of this day, every practice is unique.
11. developing humor.

I'm back home and I'm enjoying it.

A good mat makes a difference.


Anna said...

Astonishing. Where are your ankles??

Ursula said...

What do you mean with where are your ankles?
My legs are in lotus pose and one hand holds the ankle of the other hand.

Krishna said...

When we travel ,due to various reasons ( like new climate , new food , new atmosphere , loss of energy due to travel etc ) we will not be able to get a good practice immediately and best is to do a more gentle practice to warm up the body and in due course get back to our original routine .

Anna said...

I was making a joke! Your postures are so good. In this photo your body is so flexible your ankles are hidden from view.

Ursula said...

British humor, hahaha....:)

Ursula said...

Hi Krishna, surely you mentioned true aspects.