Sunday, September 09, 2012

What a hard practice

Sun salutations, standing sequence, back bending, twists, forward bending asanas, inversions, even urdhva dhanursana happened. It was all so difficult. Today my practice turned into a mental practice mainly: to keep going was the task. Not all asanas were done, neither all vinyasas, but most of them. It felt all uneasy. I got frustrated, disappointed and reminded myself that most important is to do it.

At the end I set my timer and meditated 10 min.

Being a yogini is a life style.

The Bulgarian party was fun last night. We had excellent food and wine, me even vegetarian. I asked the waiter for it and he spoke English and cared for me. He offered rice with vegetables, which was perfect for me. Later we danced and watched how the Bulgarian people danced traditionally. My table neighbors were great, too. On my left side sat my E, on the right side sat a Bulgarian who spole German. He explained me some of the traditions. I.e. in Bulgaria the men are served first. He wanted to warn me so that I wasn't astonished. I wasn't. To walk home beside the sea between the bars and restaurants pleased me especially.

One must also live a bit, also as a yogini. I don't blame the party for my lousy practice. Now where it's over I feel good, yes, yes, yes.

Today we'll make a trip out of the city. I'm ready.


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