Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Very relaxing everything

We're back to our vacation rhythm, means we're one of the last who appear for breakfast in the restaurant. Then we stroll around. Wind, sun, the sea, everything pleases us. At a place that smiles at us, we stop for a drink, we read and are happy together.

Twice a day we eat: breakfast and late lunch. Three courses we have most of the time and this fills us for the rest of the day. Bulgaria is a meat country, I survive with starters and desserts like baklava and pancake with green figs.

Tonight is soccer time: Austria - Germany. We'll watch in one of the restaurants close to the sea. Some have already closed. It's the last days here, then everything will be closed till the next season.

Tomorrow we'll take the bus and we'll get back to Burgas.

We have 2 rooms here, but the location doesn't invite me to practice. A lousy excuse. Shall it be so. 

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