Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tittibhasana C

Tittibhasana C: This pose is neglected. Only 3 pictures including this one were taken over the years.

If done correctly  this pose is an extreme balancing pose. The goal is to fold the fingers. How can I get there?  The shoulders must move a bit more behind the knees. This is possible, but then I wobble and I fear to fall and sometimes I even fall out of the pose (see below). When the shoulders are more behind the knees, my hands can get closer together.
Next time I'll try to do this pose with a wall behind me that prevents me to fall. I want to feel this pose when done a bit more deeper without risking to fall.
Balancing is easier when engaging the bandhas. I'll check this next time, too.

We arrived in Bulgaria, Burgas yesterday. The weather is awesome, warm, the room is rather a flat. It takes 20 steps to get from the bed to the shower. I'll create an album from Bulgaria on flickr

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