Monday, September 03, 2012

Tittibhasana B

Tittibhasana A,B and C belong together.

Neverthesess, I seperate them here on my blog. Tittibhasana B has a calm phase and a dynamic phase (5 steps forward and 5 steps backward).

As a preparation for this post, I watched the video by Laruga.

I realized that she stretches the legs when in Tittibhasana A. 

Secondly I wanted to understand the breathing when walking. 
- It seems to be: right leg step forward, left leg step forward is inhaling.
- Then follows an exhaling. This seems to be one step.
So this shall be done 5 times.

Then one starts with the leg left to steps backwards and repeats this for 5 times, too. Then one should be on the mat again.

Walking in this position is exhausting for me.

I feel like practicing at home today. A self-practice is offered. I don't want to commute. I want to experiment with some poses I usually don't do. This is, I want to add back bending asanas and I want to try viparita dandasana. It's for me a pose to learn falling.

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