Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tittibhasana A

This pose is an asana and a transition:

The asana: Perseverance will grow when you practice it regularly. I think usually "stretch, stretch, stretch". I stretch the inner side of the legs. The verse turn outside. It helps to point the feet. Good is when the legs are even behind the shoulders.

The vinyasa: To move from tittibhasana to bakasana is still a transition I've to work on. Good that I've already developed the opinion that it's possible. This is often the first step. It's easier when the hands are closer together. Lately I learned that the inner thighs do the work mainly.

This pose shows willpower. Not to give up is the secret.

Lately I read a blog from a yogi who is much closer to the American Ashtanga yoga community than me. I had to check if he has linked to my blog (hahaha), but he hasn't. This is OK for me as I don't link at all. There was a list of blogs and I went through them out of curiosity. Most of them I didn't know. Wow, I found a post with 3 videos. Long texts and explanations were given in other posts. It takes time to write such posts, I know. Most of these blogs were deserted, last post was months ago. This is BTW the reason why I don't link. I don't have time to check if a blog is given up and most bloggers give up. I prefer to link to blog posts. This could be a good idea, I should do this more often. A few years back was an active place where blogger met. Nowadays few yogis/yoginis are active there, I know them all.
Less is more also when blogging. Like in yoga so it is with almost everything: Every day 30 min can be much better than marathon writing, marathon practice. The danger of these marathon activities is that it's too much and that one gives it up. Forever.

I practice yoga daily because I want to have it easy.......

What is worth doing, is worth doing on a daily basis. Then the skill that one wants to acquire has time to grow in peace, without stress, every day a bit.

It's Sunday, my yoga week starts with second series. I found some back bending asanas in the magazine "yoga journal" that could help me to approach kapotasana. I'll add them today. They are worth to take some pictures. It's something for the posts to come.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anna said...

As always, wise words, Ursula. The hare and the tortoise springs to mind.

Ursula said...

Thank you, Anna.