Saturday, September 29, 2012

The work must go on....

Much was done yesterday. I worked like a wild one. Pomodoro after pomodoro* I got the books out of the  shelves, cleaned them, carried the shelves to the other room and put the books back. Books are so heavy. I had no time to discard anything.
My desk is empty already, too.
Nothing is on the wardrobe anymore.

Best of all, the Polish man answered to my Email, he hasn't forgotten me and the floor is already ordered.

It takes two more days to make the room so empty that it's relatively easy to paint and work in it. Wardrobes and bed can be moved within the room. I cannot put them anywhere.
This renovation is so overdue.

I think yesterday was Day 6 of my 30 days vegan challenge. 
Already on Friday it became a real challenge as we went out for dinner. Good was we went to the Greek restaurant. I had 2 starters as usual there, a salad and artichokes. I'm not sure if the cake with flaky pastry as dessert was 100% vegan. There might have been honey in it. However I count this day as vegan.
Yesterday I had no time to cook. So I got back to one of my eating routines: Sunflower bread and a vegan spread with mustard, tomatoes. This I had at lunch and at dinner, too. In the evening I had red wine. This morning I realized that I've gained weight: 1 pound. It's not a tragedy, really not, yet interesting.

There is no time to lose, breakfast and then I'll attack the next shelf.

*Pomodoro is my timer. I set it for 25 min. Then a tiny break is recommended before the next 25 min are set.

PS: Yoga practice must be modified. Where I'll have place I can put my body in a few asanas. That's it. 


Unknown said...

I know this pomodoro frenzy so well!*
The more you do, the more you do and the more you want to do. That's why I love it so much.
And dear, the pound gained has a non-caloric reason. We are entering a seasonal change full moon phase. Every critical full moon (season change)female bodies -even those bodies with a very low estrogen signal already)- store some extra fluids which are released in a flush 6 days later. I've oberved this, too. But it's also very likely that the pastry contained lactose. All vegans experience a bit bloat after eating lactose as the body is no longer used to digesting it (no lactase is usually needed, so the production is low) and expresses disconformity with a mild allergy-like reaction. It subsides 24 h later. L.u

Ursula said...

Very intersting information.

I'm so relaxed right now.

To refine my diet has not priority the next 4 days, but the renovation of my room and what it requires.