Sunday, September 30, 2012

The room is empty.....(almost)

Now they can come. And tomorrow they even will come: the 2 Polish men who will paint the walls and renew the floor. All the books are carried out of the room. We've been busy the entire day yesterday. In the evening I even felt sore, could scarcly walk anymore. It's better today. There are still a few things left to do. It seems managable by Monday morning.

The renovation has been so overdue. I'm happy when it's done. Yoginis admire a clean and simple environment. No more distraction than necessary supports the practice.

This year I've touched all possessions we have.

When carrying things back, I hope that I still find things that I can discard. Having what one needs, but not more is great.

Simplicity became a key word in my life.

Today the 3rd quater of the year is over. Wow, already. One more to good. I've still plans for this year............
Things get done, bit by bit...........

Yoga: Today I can still do some asanas here. Tomorrow I won't have this room available. Whatever I do, also when it's not a full second series, is good.

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