Friday, September 14, 2012

Still in beautiful Burgas

I went to bed with this book and I got up with it. It had 507 pages and not one was boring. I mentioned it already, it's the book by Angelika Schrobsdorff  "Die Stunde zwischen Tag und Abend". It's been a book that requires one day off from reading to have time to think about the story, the life of this woman.

Otherwise we walk along the beach. People sit on benches in the parks till late at night. They smoke and sit. It's warm here, in Burgas is no wind. "Do you want to know how many degrees it has in Germany?" I asked E, who sits next to me in the lobby. He wanted it. The answer 8° Celsius makes the days here even nicer.

We have long lunches. It takes hours till we're through our courses. But we eat only twice: breakfast (means to break a fast and this is supposed to be small) and lunch.

The rental car waits for us to see the countryside around Burgas. I AM curious.

Picture is taken in Sozopol.

No time to lose, the here and now requires attention.

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