Thursday, September 27, 2012

Primary today....

I'm back to primary today. It's good to have days that are more exhausting and others that are rather relaxing. Primary became easier since I practice second series. And second series became easier already since I exercise a few asanas of third series. 
Second series yesterday was again excellent. I integrated again a few third series asanas. I tried marichyasana  G from Advanced B and had to realize quickly that my body is not yet ready for such advanced asanas. On pictures many postures look so easy, so doable. 

Since I'm 100% vegan my joints are like oiled. Food has an influence on how we feel. 

My focus today: The vinyasas. The vinyasas make Ashtanga yoga to what it is. 

Today is day 6 of the 30 days vegan challenge initiated by Attila Hildmann:
1. I'm back to eating my breakfast in a bowl and not in a fancy glass. I also don't layer the ingredients. It must go fast  in the morning. I found new ways to vary my breakfast. I know now how to make it heavier and how to make it lighter. "Popped Amaranth" tastes good and are corbohydrats that are filling. To add vanilla is a good idea. Agaven sirup is a possibility if one wants to have it sweet.

2. I tested a few of the lunch/dinner recipes. Some of them will become regulars, others I've discarded already. Nevertheless I learn new ways of preparing a vegan meal. I'm so amazed how full I am after the meals. Bread is a tabu. The recipes are filling due to avocado and almond mush.

3. The effects already after 6 days:
- I have a lot of energy. This is remarkable. (Nevertheless I didn't sleep well tonight and I feel like mashed potatoes right now)
- I lost weight, despite not being hungry at all: I went from 48,4 kg to 46,6 kg this morning. 46 is my goal.
- The recipes make me full.
- I'm away from my routine: bread with spread in the evening or pasta or a salad. I try new things.

The true challenge for me is not to eat vegan when I'm alone, but when I'm in restaurants or with relatives. Hahaha. I fear it's even more difficult to stick to a vegan diet when with relatives than in restaurants.
Also Attila sees the difficulties here. He sometimes brings his own food and adds it to what is offered. This is nothing for me.

Today I'll eat what is in the fridge: I'll be creative. I don't want to throw out my vegetables only to test another new recipe. Pictures of my meals can be found on my vegan blog.


Anna said...

Yes, I find that I can be vegan at home but when we go out it is really difficult for me psychologically. I just equate tea with cow's milk and a piece of cake with a happy day out. So weak.

Ursula said...

With Attilas recipes I'll bring much more healthy varity in our diet.

Not to eat white bread or dark bread is possible. I feel full of energy, even though I'm not in best mood today, lol. Without a reason....:(