Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pincha mayurasana: I want to learn to fall.

If I want to be able one day to be in the middle in the room when I practice pincha mayurasana, I must learn to fall.
Yesterday I went from headstand (the regular one, hands not folded) to dwi pada viparita dandasana.

The head lifted from the floor. My feet were too far away from the head when they landed on the floor. I lost control much too early, but I faced my fear and did it. No harm was done, I was only a bit shocked. This exercise requires repetition.

Against the wall my pincha mayurasana is rather good. I stand stable without touching the wall. As soon as I'm in the middle of the room it seems impossible to come up. I'm scared to fall. So I must learn to fall. This pose seems so close, yet it is still so far away due to this fear. I hope I'm mentally strong today to try out to swing over.

The headstands at the end: In the beginning I placed my hands in the position where they are supposed to be when coming down and I let my body fall at the same time. Often it was a rather hard landing. The toes felt it. My body remained straight till the end. Then I watched Larugas videos. I'm always learning from her. And here I saw that she lowers the legs first, then she places the hands. This makes the landing so much softer than coming down with a body like a stick.

Third series: I found a solution how I manage it to practice the third series asanas. I move them behind asanas of second series where they fit. All the leg behind head poses of third series I practice after the leg behind head poses of second series. I'm still fit and concentrated at that moment of my practice. At the end my energy is often already gone. And then still something new seems often overwhelming. For the time being I'm happy with this solution.

Yesterday was day 4 of my 30 days vegan challenge: The recipe of the below meal is from the book by Attila Hildmann "Vegan for fit". It's the green warrior. So delicious, so green. :) I'm very happy that I started this challenge as I learn so many new recipes that are simple and delicious and fast prepared. I have to adjust them a bit, i.e. I didn't add green asparagus. Asparagus is something for spring time. It would have been too much in addition. The recipes are filling. And this morning when I stepped on the mat I was very happy to see that I'm back to my regular weight. (vacation and restaurant meals make it sometimes difficult not to gain weight.)

Why I want to be 100% vegan and not only 90%: A comparison comes into my mind: When having an open wound and you sprinkle chili over it, a tiny bit is already too much. The animal products are not good for the body.
It adds up and these 10% less animal products save a lot of animals over the years.
The China Study arrived. It exists now already in German language. It's the scientific reasons for a vegan diet. I recommend it. It motivates.

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