Monday, September 17, 2012

It's much better: parivrtta parsva konasana

It's much better. In the last months I worked on getting deeper. The thigh of the one leg is parallel to the floor, this is as it is supposed to be. The rim of the one food could be more on the floor. The hand could be turned a bit. 

What I see is a diagonal line from the hand to the foot. That's it. 

When I say I do free style I add the pose from the second picture i.e. That way I can give myself an adjusment. If the feet were a bit more apart I could go deeper. 


Kitharo said...

Looks pretty good, you're really diagonal. It's one of the toughest poses for me, because I barely have any shoulder flexibility :) Glad you're having fun on your vacation, hope you're feeling well?! Blessings, Julian

Ursula said...

I feel excellent.

The pose is an advanced one. It's really a challenge to do it how it is supposed to be. Keep twisting...:)

I hope your very busy times are over and you've more time for yoga again.

Cordially greetings from a stormy Burgas.