Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's getting lonesome here.

Many shops and restaurants have closed already. Less tourists seem to be in Sozopol, Bulgaria. For us it's still perfect here. It's windy and warm enough to be barfoot. I always wear a jacket, it protects me from getting sun burnt when the sun is shining merciless and it protects me from  feeling cold when the wind is blowing.

It amazed me that so many were lying on the beach from the morning till dawn only to get tanned. Isn't it a bit boring I wondered?

My suitcase is packed already. Today we get back to Burgas by bus. We'll change the vehicle 3 times. First we take the taxi to the bus station, then we'll take the bus and then we'll take the taxi again to get to the hotel and this with my 5 pieces of luggage: my suitcase, my handbag, my PC-bag, my camera bag and my yoga mat.

Yoga didn't happen here much, only twice, I don't know why. There was room enough here......
Shall it be my yoga summer break. 


Mark S. Jones said...

Hi Ursula,
Just thought I'd say hello,
Mark S Jones
from G+

Mark S. Jones said...

Hi Ursula,

That looks really nice - all the tourist gone...
makes me think of Last Year in Marienbad

or Thomas Mann...

Mark S Jones
(from G+ post - gee! it works!)