Monday, September 24, 2012

I became a challenger, for 30 days.

Yes, I'm a challenger for 30 days. For a minimum of 30 decades I'm a vegetarian. Since some years I'm convinced of the vegan life style for many reasons.
It was a piece of cake for me not to eat meat anymore and of course also not to eat fish. To be vegan is not so easy for me. I only want to mention: mango cream with ice cream or panna cotta or cheese with grapes and a glass of red wine. To eat vegan in restaurants is also not soooooo easy. I'm so convinced of the vegan idea, that I want to be more consequent.

Attila Hildman has published another book "Vegan for fit" (It's in German). Here he challenges us to stick to a vegan diet for 30 days. The book comes with tips and many recipes. One shall stick to the recipes in the book so that this enterprise becomes a success. I've already realized that this brings me out of my cooking routine what is fun and it comes with surprises. The broccoli on picture 2 was so delicious with the sauce. It was a new taste explosion on my tongue. I loved it. Very good is that the recipes are filling. I only need to eat twice a day.

The salad on picture one was my own creation. I've been creative. That one shall stick to the recipes in the book  I learned  yesterday in the forum (German) that Attila has created. Here the challenger gather and exchange their stories and experiences. It's a lot of fun and it's supporting to try something new when being part of a group.

Also today I'll prepare a salad, I'm flexible. I don't want to throw away my ingredients. But then I try to stick to the recipes as close as possible.
I'll post the recipes that I've tried out on my vegan blog for those who love to be challenged, too.
The broccoli recipe is already a favorite meal.

Today is my day 3.

Tonight I slept awfully. This is sometimes so. I woke up later as planned. Who cares. I'll practice Ashtanga yoga at home. My yoga place is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to my practice.

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