Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 4: I'm full

I'm really full now. It's the 4th day of my 30 days vegan challenge. Yesterday I bought the ingredients, which was not so easy. With a job assistant we searched on many shelves to find "popped Amaranth". I've never heard about it so far.

I say frankly: It tasted good, but it won't become my daily breakfast. My kitchen is a mess now, I even had to use a pan to make the coconut flakes brown. The Amaranth makes this breakfast too heavy to my taste, I feel too full. I appreciate a light breakfast. Amaranth consists mainly of carbohydrats. Good is that I know now how to make a breakfast heavier. I'd not marinate the raspberry. For this I needed an extra bowl. I'd put the Agaven juice and the vanilla powder in the yoghurt. This is much faster and easier. It saves time. Who has time in the morning? I won't prepare my breakfast the evening before.

The first time it's normal that it takes more time to prepare anything. Nevertheless. My breakfast must be prepared super fast.

Then the Amaranth, tiniest balls rolled over my cupboard. I don't know how to close that plastic bag.
The glass was a bit small, too to put everything in it. I won't buy a new glass.
I meassured the ingredients. 1 yoghurt has a bit less gram than indicated. I didn't use another yoghurt just to have 10 more grams.

I googled Agavensirup. It's an alternative to sugar for sure. But it's not good either. I don't need to have a sweet taste all the time. The sweetness of fruit is enough for me.

To sum it up:
1. This breakfast is good when one wants to be full in the morning because the next meal is very late. I need to feel light because I want to practice yoga.
2. This breakfast can be a very good dessert and it really looks great.
3. It can be good for brunch.
4. This meal is very nice for guests as brunch or as dessert.

My breakfast is vegan for years. Instead of bananas I want to use berries and apples. That's it. I won't look anymore for alternatives for a breakfast, but during the weekend. I'm happy with mine. It's light and healthy. A soy yoghurt, some nuts and fruit.

It's always satisfying to have tested something new.

In the course of the day I'll write the recipe in my vegan blog. The version of Attila and my variation, which is a bit easier to prepare and a bit lighter.

I clean the kitchen now. 


Anna said...

I have finally managed to stop buying a daily newspaper. I just can't take the constant diet of violence + drivel any longer.

Ursula said...

I think I must be informed, I've one economic daily. That's it. To watch TV won't become a daily habit.