Friday, September 07, 2012

Concentration was excellent

Primary: done.
My concentration was excellent. A reason could be that time was limited. The men, my E and his colleague will return for lunch and I wanted to have finished my practice by then. So I started  and I went on and on till the end. No breaks happened. No single asana was added.
It was hard today. The body felt stiff. Especially the vinyasas were more than lousy. I could take my legs behind my head for supta kurmasana, which was not possible a few years back. Shall I be content. I am. I'm familiar with the ups and downs, they don't shatter me anymore. Frustration comes, frustration goes. Joy comes, joy goes. There are days where the practice has to be done and this was it. Today was such a day.

In the hotel we have to carry a green ribbon around our joint, day in, day out, also during the night and under the shower. It's not removable. This is surely for security reasons. Only guests shall be in the hotel, all the other individuals are suspisious.

I'm looking forward to walking along the beach, having a drink in one of the bars, some food, too. The wind will play with my hair. I'll listen to the sound of the waves.......we all have vacation feeling here.

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