Thursday, September 13, 2012

Concentration got better

My concentration got much better. This morning I practiced without interruption one asana after the other. One reason why this is so might be that I use my timer more often than ever. I set it for 25 min and during this time I focus myself on anything. Also when I read a book I use this timer.

I could do all of the asanas without any problems. Even to put my legs behind my head was no issue. Kurmasana was possible, too. Only urdhva dhanurasana was stiff and discomfort and reluctance was felt.

The vinyasas were more than lousy. I gave up finally and performed them like 3 years back, means hand in front of the crossed legs and jumping back (no lifting up of the legs, no swinging through the arms). I admit, my mat is not supporting to do the vinyasas.

Not only Ashtanga yoga needs daily attention. Everything that shall develop needs this daily attention. This is so with my plants on the balcony, it's so with my photography.

Tomorrow is Friday and again primary is on the schedule. I hope for a better performance, but as mentioned so often important is to practice. 

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