Tuesday, September 04, 2012

...but today I exercise.

My yoga practice needs time. And sometimes I must give other activities priority, i.e. my tax declaration. Wow, it's done now. It was overdue and I felt stress when the thought came up that I haven't reacted to the reminder. Instead of practicing I opened my accounting software yesterday and I worked on my taxes, a duty of every citizen. Most activities last longer than estimated. It's sent and I can fly relaxed to Bulgaria this late afternoon.

3 days I was without yoga. With no expectations I'll step on the mat today. Today is Tuesday, second series is on the schedule. Important is to practice. 


Kitharo said...

You're a warrior yogini, three days won't affect you at all :) Have fun in Bulgaria :) Blessings Julian (sorry for not posting lately, everything is kind of busy, but I'm always catching up when I've time :))

Ursula said...

I always fear I lose my fexibility and strength when I've a few days off. Hahahaha.

Sometimes other activities have priorities.
Know your comments are always very welcomed, Julian.

Don't forget the breaks....:)
Cordially greetings from Bulgaria.