Friday, September 07, 2012

Being with locals.

What? Friday already? 
This is primary day. (NO, how could this happen, my long text disappeared. Now I make it short).
The above asana can be a good preparation for kapotasana i.e. and for all the other deep back bending asanas, too. I thought I would be able to reach my calves. My picture tells me something else.

We were so lucky to have dinner with locals yesterday. 2 professors of mathematics (or physics?) joined us. About an hour we walked along the beach. Terraces of restaurants lined the way. In the restaurant they had chosen it was loud. Traditional music with dance was offered. We world travelors E, M and myself enjoyed the evening. When we walked back along the beach the bars and restaurants were still open and people sat outside having a last drink. 
Sozopol is surely a place with many many tourists from Bulgaria, Russia, Germany and many other coutries. It's not typical Bulgaria, but a part of it. As a tourist one can only scratch on the surface to get to know a country. Yesterday on our way to the restaurant I saw places I'd love to revisit to take some pictures. 

Time to step on the mat.

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