Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in Burgas

We're back in Burgas. It's warmer here than in Sozopol. It can be that it seems to be warmer because here is no fresh wind.

The hotel is so much nicer here than the one in Sozopol. The mind loves to compare.
One evening I sat on the sofa in the one room in the Sozopol hotel and I wanted to pull the table a bit closer to me to have it more comfortable. My fingers sticked at once under the table. Whatever sticky dirt there has been, it provoked an iiiiiiiiiii and I ran to the bathroom to clean my fingers. From that time on my relationship to the room was different. I found it dirty, even a bit disgusting. The fluffy carpets next to the bed I had pushed under the bed the first day already. Fluffy carpets are not a good idea for hotel rooms. I also didn't like the furniture. Boring to death.
Most of the time we were outside on the beach.
Here it's so beautiful that one can become a couch potatoe or bed potatoe.

I know why it is said to have a clean yoga place. It's so much more inviting to practice. The outside is also important.

We had a late lunch yesterday when we arrived. It was the best one so far, meditteranean style. Here I got best vegetarian food. Bulgaria is a meat country. Afterwards we stayed at the hotel. The novel "Die Stunde zwischen Tag und Nacht" by Angelika Schrobsdorff is so exciting and well written that I couldn't stop reading till after midnight.

I'm sitting in the lobby, Internet access is for free only here (which is good).
I'm so glad that we've 5 more days here.

Time to practice.
It's Thursday and primary day. 

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