Thursday, September 06, 2012

As if I 'm here for a tiny eternity

It is as if I'm in Burgas, Bulgaria for a tiny eternity, even though I only arrived the day before yesterday. My company feels the same. This is surely also because the people are very very friendly here. Not a tiny bit intrusive, but attentive, helpful, relaxed.

We three world traveloers E, H, and myself are enjoying our morning ritual after breakfast: checking the net.

Bourgas is a hot tip. I'm already a fan of Bulgaria. More people speak German than English. Some speak only Bulgarian language. It's warm, there is always a bit of wind. I protect my skin from the sun.

At 12 we'll leave the hotel to move to another city. I've still 90 min. I could so some sun salutation. Yep. 

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